Retail Design

Retail Design for the hospitality, specialty retail and fashion sectors

Retail design is a specialised practice of architecture and interior design. It incorporates elements of interior decoration, industrial design, graphic design, ergonomics and advertising. At 360fx we understand that retail shop design is a very specialised discipline due to the heavy demands placed on retail spaces. The team at 360fx have started from the bottom and worked our way up the ladder. We have worked for the leading shopping centres in Australia and understand the exact requirements the retail design store manager has and even though it may be full on and overwhelming for the client. We know exactly what procedures to give you a final design approval! At 360fx we can manage the retail store design stages from start to finish. We can take it all the way to council or complying development submission. We can manage the approval stages right until you receive your OC. We have very skilled designers on our team and working with our client’s needs and own design ideas we can make any dream a reality.

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