Architectural Project Models

Residential Architectural Project Models for Council Submissions and Marketing.


At 360fx we have a team if experienced architectural model makers with years of model making skills behind us. We have made models of homes, townhouses and multi tower residential projects for Australian architects, property developers and builders.

There are many reasons one may require a project model. The two most common reasons are a council requirement or for marketing purposes.

When requested by council the word ‘project model’ may confuse the client as it is not a common requirement and the client may not know where to begin in creating a model. At 360fx we manage the entire process from start to finish! Once we have a set of plans you a few short weeks away from receiving your completed model.

When a model is requested for marketing purposes the client wants us to go all out! Landscape, people, lights etc. We love to show a buildings full potential and nothing says this like a physical model.