360fx was established in 2012 by Melissa Lattouf. Melissa is the founder and director of 360fx and has an educational background of an Advanced Diploma in Architectural Technology and a Bachelor in Architectural Computing which she completed at UNSW. Melissa has experience in residential architecture but started to focus more on commercial architecture mostly retail design when she started the business back in 2012. Melissa also started to focus a lot of her energy into residential project marketing. This included internal and external CGI’s, model making and floorplate presentations. From there360fx became well known as a fair contender in the ‘Residential Project Marketing’ and ‘Retail Design’ industry.

We are proud to successfully deliver our clients with quality work in both the ‘Residential Project Marketing’ and ‘Retail Design departments. Where 360fx delivers is that Melissa builds a rapport with all of her clients. As soon as we get a call for new work Melissa takes the time to meet with the client and find out their exact needs so we can deliver a successful job on time. That is what we value mostly at 360fx, we know every job has a deadline that is why we make it our priority to deliver.

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Melissa Lattouf

Founder | 360fx Project Marketing